Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs has always been thought of as a place of storage for placing unwanted boxes, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations, or kids that have misbehaved (haha!).  Some houses have transformed these areas to be their pantry, kiddie play area, or even a small library.  An even better way to utilize and showcase this area is to turn it into a wine cellar!

Many wine cellars are located in the basement or in out of the way areas, but we believe that the wine cellar should be near the place of entertaining: the kitchen!  It only makes sense to keep the wine cellar close to make it easy to open up another bottle when the wine starts running low.

wine cellar under the stairs
Wine Cellar Underneath the Stairs

One of the great things about having an iron doorway is that it visually connects you to the space underneath the stairs.  Instead of having a solid door to “block” and “hide” your storage area, you are actually making the wine cellar feel like it’s a part of the room it opens up to.  There are so many different patterns of iron work available that you can make a truly customizable door that will be unique and extremely beautiful.

wine cellar under stairs
Iron doors can open up the space and connect the cellar to adjacent rooms

Another feature of this wine cellar is the gorgeous stone wall that they placed inside the cellar.  The textures and colors alone add a wonderful element to the area and recreates a space that you would imagine to find underground.

wine cellar under the stairs
A stone accent wall can add texture to your wine cellar

In addition to your wine racks, you may want to add a wine refrigerator and a small cabinet to hold items such as wine openers, wine toppers, wine charms, etc.  The elegant granite countertops add such a luxurious feel to the wine cellar and is a usable space for pouring wine and holding your decanter.  You can also place your cheese board here when entertaining guests.

wine cellar under the stairs
Customize your wine cellar with a wine refrigerator and granite countertops

We love the idea of placing an undermount stemware holder in your wine cellar.  It is not only convenient and  creates a fantastic way to store your wine glasses, but it makes the wine cellar more usable and draws your guests into this room.   These undermount stemware holders can be easily bought online at Amazon or at your local home stores.

wine cellar under the stairs
An undermount stemware holder is a great addition to your wine cellar

Your wine cellar should be a cozy place that you look forward to visiting when entertaining guests or just after a long day at work.  If you currently don’t have a wine cellar in your home, then maybe using that space underneath the stairs would be a great option for you.  You can customize it to fit your tastes, add a different type of wall texture, such as stencils (check out our DIY Wall Stencils post), or you can even have a small seating area or even add a small bistro table for a different feel.  The possibilities are endless!

wine cellar under stairs
Cozy nook under the stairs to enjoy a glass of wine


We hope you enjoyed this post about adding a wine cellar under the stairs for a fun way to utilize that dark and unwanted space!  You will wow your guests with this new addition, and it will become the focal point of many gatherings!  Please check out our other Home Improvement and Decor posts for more ideas for your home!