Wall Stencils for a Modern Statement

It seems like wall stencils are all the rage right now!   You can find them on accent walls, ceilings, closets, and even furniture.  The great thing about stencils are that the designs are directly painted onto the walls, so you can absolutely customize it to whatever color and design you would want.  You can choose to repeat a pattern or combine different stencils to create a brand new design of your own.  They can turn a seemingly boring room into a fabulous space for entertaining!

Wall Stencil for a Modern Look
If you opt for a busier pattern, placing it on an accent wall can really give you the look you want without it being too overwhelming.


Wall Stencil for an Accent Wall
There are hundreds of different styles and patterns that you can use to suit your style, whether it be modern, whimsical, natural, or vintage!


Wall Stencil to Match Your Style
We decided to try stenciling for the first time at our friend’s house (who else better to experiment on than another person’s house!) on a few small areas of the dining room.  Since the majority of the house is a neutral cream color, we wanted to add a dramatic flare to our dining area.  We chose to only stencil the two side panels and the center wall since we didn’t want the entire area to look too busy.  We bought our Moroccan pattern stencils online at www.cuttingedgestencils.com for $34.95, and it came with two stencils, one large and one corner piece.  When we read the reviews and instructions online, it seemed pretty easy to do and only ran into minor bumps that were easily corrected.


Recessed walls are great places to stencil
The reason we chose this area to paint the wall stencils is because it is one of the first areas that you see when you enter the home.  The recessed area in the center wall was a perfect place for us to do the stencil since it gives a splash of pattern and color without making the wall look too busy.  There were also two vertical side panels that we wanted to paint that would make nice accent walls as well.
Before painting, be sure to remove everything from your project wall, including paintings, decor, etc.  We would also recommend wiping down the wall with a rag to remove any dust or dirty areas.  Be sure to tape edges and place a floor liner for easy clean up.  We painted the panels we wanted to stencil in a metallic silver color.  We used Martha Stewart paint (it is discontinued now) but you can use any brand you may like.  


  Modern wall stencil
Metallic silver paint before stenciling
 Once the silver coat was dry, we taped the stencil to the wall and applied a bright white color over the silver.  We were very careful to blot off the excess paint on a paper towel so we would not pool the paint and create runny edges.  After the white paint was dry, we went back over the edges with silver paint to cover up any mistakes or messy areas.


  Modern wall stencil
White Moroccan pattern stencil on metallic silver

Once you are finished with your wall stencils and the paint is dry, place back any wall hangings and start the home decor process!  Stencils were very easy to do but it did take some time.  It took us two days to finish this project.

 Modern wall stencil
Before and after!
 We love how the this wall stencil pattern creates such clean and modern lines!  We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and felt that we changed the entire look of the dining room at such an affordable price.  The great thing is that if you get tired of your stencil in a few years, you can always change it later!
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