Wine cellar under stairs

Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs has always been thought of as a place of storage for placing unwanted boxes, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations, or kids that have misbehaved (haha!).  Some houses have transformed these areas to be their pantry, kiddie play area, or even a small library.  An even better way to utilize and showcase this […]

how to mount a flat screen tv

How to Mount your Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs have become the standard nowadays and more people are choosing to have them mounted to their walls rather than have them sitting on a TV stand.  Not only does this create a more modern and clean look, but it also allows you to raise your TV for better viewing.  You can then […]

gas fireplace air blower kit

How to Install a Gas Fireplace Blower Kit

Now that winter is here, we are starting to use our fireplace more often.  Not only do fireplaces add a nice touch to your living or bedroom decor, but they provide an added source of heat for those cold winter days.  Our house came with a gas fireplace which is very different from the wood […]


How to improve your computer’s performance and speed

If your computer’s hard drive has given up on you, or if your computer can not keep up with your multitasking and is running out of storage space, then it’s time for you to “turbo-charge” it and give it a new life. You don’t have to be a computer geek to fix or upgrade your […]