How to Mount your Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs have become the standard nowadays and more people are choosing to have them mounted to their walls rather than have them sitting on a TV stand.  Not only does this create a more modern and clean look, but it also allows you to raise your TV for better viewing.  You can then decorate the area under your TV by adding a small entertainment unit or even floating shelves for a more contemporary look.

There are so many different types and styles of TV mounts, so you should just choose the one that gives you the features that you are looking for.  The TV Wall Mount by VideoSecu  for 22′ to 55′ TVs has a full motion articulating swivel arm that allows for full viewing flexibility and costs less than $30.  If you would rather choose a TV mount without the articulating arm, try the VideoSecu TV Wall Mount.  It has great ratings and is under $25.  If you want to be extra fancy, you could get the Cheetah Mount with Dual Articulating Arm.  It comes with a dual articulating arm that can extend out 14 inches, has tilt, swivel, and rotation features, and comes with an Ethernet HDMI cable and a bubble leveler!  All for under $40!!

Instead of hiring someone to install the TV, which could cost you hundreds of dollars, we chose to mount it ourselves.  We ordered our TV mount online at Amazon by researching consumer reviews.  We narrowed down our choice to the Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket by Yes4All.  It had 4 1/2 stars and was under $20!  We found the proper mount by choosing the one that would fit our TV.  In our case, we had a 42 inch TV, so we chose a mount that could accommodate from 22 to 47 inch TVs.  Continue reading to learn how to mount your flat screen TV.

How to Mount your Flat Screen TV

Tools Needed: Philips screwdriver, power drill, 5 mm or 3/16 inch drill bit, studfinder, leveler

Materials Needed: pencil or pen, tape measure

Duration of the Project:  30 minutes

Price Range:  $20-$50

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Labor Level:  Light

DIY Potential Savings:  $100-$150

Step 1:  Pre-assemble the wall mounts/brackets as shown in your mount instructions.  Some mounts require some assembly whereas others come pre-assembled.

Step 2:  Determine the location you would like to mount your TV.  Typically, you would want to choose the center of the wall, width wise, and choose the height according to your preference.  We wanted our TV to be at eye level when standing.  The cable and electrical outlets were already pre-wired at that location so mounting a TV here is a great choice.


Step 3:  Use the studfinder to mark the stud nearest to the location you want your TV to be mounted.   Make a mark with your pencil.  Use the tape measure to measure 16 inches from the center of the stud to determine where the 2nd stud will be (normally the distance between two studs are 16 inches, however,  you can use your studfinder to be sure.)  Make another mark with your pencil.


Step 4:  Use the leveler to make sure your two marks are on the same level.


Step 5:  Use your power drill with the 5 mm (3/16 inch) bit to drill holes at each of your 2 marks.  Please also refer back to your mounting kit to make sure the drill bit is the right size for the project.


Step 6:  Use your Philips screwdriver to screw in the TV mount to the wall using the Stud Bolt (should be included with your TV mount) in each of the 2 marks that you made earlier.  Then drill in the remaining two Stud Bolts at the bottom corners and align them with the first two Stud Bolts.  Use the leveler to make sure the mounting bracket is level.


Step 7:  Attach the TV hooks to the back of your TV using the screws, nuts, and washers that were supplied with the kit.  The kit gave us a variety of sizes to use so you just have to make sure you find the correct screw that fits to your TV.  Also, make sure the TV is on a soft, flat surface that will not damage the screen.  Do not over tighten the screws.  You can adjust the tilt of the TV by turning the Tension Knob located on the side of the TV hook.  Also, tighten the safety screws on the underside of the TV rails to prevent the TV from becoming dislodged from the mount.


Step 8:  Have another person help you place your TV onto the wall mount.  Make sure you tuck all cables behind the TV and step back and enjoy the show!


We hope you enjoyed learning how to mount your flat screen TV.  Please check our our DIY page for other easy projects you can do yourself that will end up saving you $$!  Also check our our Home Improvement and Decor page for ideas and ways to make your home fabulous!