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Many wine cellars are located in the basement or in out of the way areas, but we believe that the wine cellar should be near the place of entertaining: the kitchen!  It only makes sense to keep the wine cellar close to make it easy to open up another bottle when the wine starts running low.

wine cellar under the stairs
Wine Cellar Underneath the Stairs

One of the great things about having an iron doorway is that it visually connects you to the space underneath the stairs.  Instead of having a solid door to “block” and “hide” your storage area, you are actually making the wine cellar feel like it’s a part of the room it opens up to.  There are so many different patterns of iron work available that you can make a truly customizable door that will be unique and extremely beautiful.

wine cellar under stairs
Iron doors can open up the space and connect the cellar to adjacent rooms

Another feature of this wine cellar is the gorgeous stone wall that they placed inside the cellar.  The textures and colors alone add a wonderful element to the area and recreates a space that you would imagine to find underground.

wine cellar under the stairs
A stone accent wall can add texture to your wine cellar

In addition to your wine racks, you may want to add a wine refrigerator and a small cabinet to hold items such as wine openers, wine toppers, wine charms, etc.  The elegant granite countertops add such a luxurious feel to the wine cellar and is a usable space for pouring wine and holding your decanter.  You can also place your cheese board here when entertaining guests.

wine cellar under the stairs
Customize your wine cellar with a wine refrigerator and granite countertops

We love the idea of placing an undermount stemware holder in your wine cellar.  It is not only convenient and  creates a fantastic way to store your wine glasses, but it makes the wine cellar more usable and draws your guests into this room.   These undermount stemware holders can be easily bought online at Amazon or at your local home stores.

wine cellar under the stairs
An undermount stemware holder is a great addition to your wine cellar

Your wine cellar should be a cozy place that you look forward to visiting when entertaining guests or just after a long day at work.  If you currently don’t have a wine cellar in your home, then maybe using that space underneath the stairs would be a great option for you.  You can customize it to fit your tastes, add a different type of wall texture, such as stencils (check out our DIY Wall Stencils post), or you can even have a small seating area or even add a small bistro table for a different feel.  The possibilities are endless!

wine cellar under stairs
Cozy nook under the stairs to enjoy a glass of wine


We hope you enjoyed this post about adding a wine cellar under the stairs for a fun way to utilize that dark and unwanted space!  You will wow your guests with this new addition, and it will become the focal point of many gatherings!  Please check out our other Home Improvement and Decor posts for more ideas for your home!

Amazon Prime: Why you Should Sign up Right now http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/amazon-prime-sign-right-now/ Mon, 10 Nov 2014 16:39:04 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2307 […]]]>          

One of the best decisions we have ever made was to sign up for Amazon Prime.  We do tons of our shopping online because it’s quick, convenient, and prices are usually a lot cheaper than at the stores.  You don’t have to find crowds, stand in lines, and worry about your store running out of your item.  Online shopping is definitely the way to go!  We decided to join Amazon Prime to take advantage of their 2-day free shipping.  We love the turnaround time on orders and not having to worry about shipping costs adding up.  For just $99 a year, get ready to enjoy some of these great benefits!

What are you waiting for!  Join Amazon Prime and start shopping and saving today!

How to Mount your Flat Screen TV http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/how-to-mount-your-flat-screen-tv/ Thu, 06 Nov 2014 17:34:05 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2261 […]]]> Flat screen TVs have become the standard nowadays and more people are choosing to have them mounted to their walls rather than have them sitting on a TV stand.  Not only does this create a more modern and clean look, but it also allows you to raise your TV for better viewing.  You can then decorate the area under your TV by adding a small entertainment unit or even floating shelves for a more contemporary look.

There are so many different types and styles of TV mounts, so you should just choose the one that gives you the features that you are looking for.  The TV Wall Mount by VideoSecu  for 22′ to 55′ TVs has a full motion articulating swivel arm that allows for full viewing flexibility and costs less than $30.  If you would rather choose a TV mount without the articulating arm, try the VideoSecu TV Wall Mount.  It has great ratings and is under $25.  If you want to be extra fancy, you could get the Cheetah Mount with Dual Articulating Arm.  It comes with a dual articulating arm that can extend out 14 inches, has tilt, swivel, and rotation features, and comes with an Ethernet HDMI cable and a bubble leveler!  All for under $40!!

Instead of hiring someone to install the TV, which could cost you hundreds of dollars, we chose to mount it ourselves.  We ordered our TV mount online at Amazon by researching consumer reviews.  We narrowed down our choice to the Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket by Yes4All.  It had 4 1/2 stars and was under $20!  We found the proper mount by choosing the one that would fit our TV.  In our case, we had a 42 inch TV, so we chose a mount that could accommodate from 22 to 47 inch TVs.  Continue reading to learn how to mount your flat screen TV.

How to Mount your Flat Screen TV

how to mount a flat screen tv

Tools Needed: Philips screwdriver, power drill, 5 mm or 3/16 inch drill bit, studfinder, leveler

Materials Needed: pencil or pen, tape measure

Duration of the Project:  30 minutes

Price Range:  $20-$50

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Labor Level:  Light

DIY Potential Savings:  $100-$150

Step 1:  Pre-assemble the wall mounts/brackets as shown in your mount instructions.  Some mounts require some assembly whereas others come pre-assembled.

Step 2:  Determine the location you would like to mount your TV.  Typically, you would want to choose the center of the wall, width wise, and choose the height according to your preference.  We wanted our TV to be at eye level when standing.  The cable and electrical outlets were already pre-wired at that location so mounting a TV here is a great choice.

how to mount your flat screen TV


Step 3:  Use the studfinder to mark the stud nearest to the location you want your TV to be mounted.   Make a mark with your pencil.  Use the tape measure to measure 16 inches from the center of the stud to determine where the 2nd stud will be (normally the distance between two studs are 16 inches, however,  you can use your studfinder to be sure.)  Make another mark with your pencil.

how to mount your flat screen TV Make a mark with your pencil Measure 16 inches from the first mark Mark the 2nd location


Step 4:  Use the leveler to make sure your two marks are on the same level.

how to mount your flat screen TV


Step 5:  Use your power drill with the 5 mm (3/16 inch) bit to drill holes at each of your 2 marks.  Please also refer back to your mounting kit to make sure the drill bit is the right size for the project.

how to mount your flat screen TV


Step 6:  Use your Philips screwdriver to screw in the TV mount to the wall using the Stud Bolt (should be included with your TV mount) in each of the 2 marks that you made earlier.  Then drill in the remaining two Stud Bolts at the bottom corners and align them with the first two Stud Bolts.  Use the leveler to make sure the mounting bracket is level.

how to mount your flat screen TV Stud Bolts should be screwed in at the 4 corners


Step 7:  Attach the TV hooks to the back of your TV using the screws, nuts, and washers that were supplied with the kit.  The kit gave us a variety of sizes to use so you just have to make sure you find the correct screw that fits to your TV.  Also, make sure the TV is on a soft, flat surface that will not damage the screen.  Do not over tighten the screws.  You can adjust the tilt of the TV by turning the Tension Knob located on the side of the TV hook.  Also, tighten the safety screws on the underside of the TV rails to prevent the TV from becoming dislodged from the mount.

how to mount your flat screen TV Do not over tighten the screws how to mount a tv to your wall


Step 8:  Have another person help you place your TV onto the wall mount.  Make sure you tuck all cables behind the TV and step back and enjoy the show!

how to mount a flat screen tv how to mount a flat screen tv how to mount a flat screen tv


We hope you enjoyed learning how to mount your flat screen TV.  Please check our our DIY page for other easy projects you can do yourself that will end up saving you $$!  Also check our our Home Improvement and Decor page for ideas and ways to make your home fabulous!


The Best Flowers that Do Well During Winter http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/best-flowers-that-do-well-during-winter/ Mon, 03 Nov 2014 19:06:35 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=1446 […]]]> Fall is in the air and winter is fast approaching.  What better time to think about which are the best flowers that do well during winter in your garden?  There are hundreds and thousands of different types of flowers you can plant, so read on to see what we recommend.

First, think about whether you want to plant annuals or perennials.   Perennials are fantastic because they flower every year.  They usually can last all year round with the top portion of the plant dying off during the colder seasons and then blooming again in the spring and summer.  Annuals, on the other hand, usually only last for 1-2 seasons and need to be planted again the following year.   These are great because they provide vivid colors to your garden and give you variety in the types of flowers that can be planted.  We prefer perennials just because they can be resistant to extreme temperatures and bloom again every year with low maintenance.


One of our most favorite perennials to plant during the winter time are pansies!  They come in a wonderful array of colors and are about 2-3 inches in diameter and can grow up to 9 inches in height.  They are quite hardy and can survive light freezes and snow cover.  We were surprised to see how well they did when we had about 4 days of snow and temperatures that dipped into the high 20s.  These flowers are very affordable and can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

Pansies-best flowers for winter
Pansies: Photo courtesy of www.bhg.com

Chrysanthemums or Garden Mums

Another fantastic perennial with great color and variety are chrysanthemums!  They can grow up to 2-3 feet and come in many different colors of autumn.  These are great for your flower beds and can add warm tones to your landscape, just in time for the chilly weather.  Be sure to choose hardy mums vs florist mums, especially if you live in the colder climates.

best winter flowers mums
Chrysanthemums: Photo courtesy of plant-shed.com


One of our favorite perennials is the Dianthus.  They are extremely winter tolerant and do well in extremely hot temperatures as well.  Their leaves create a full green mound and their flowers can grow up to 18 inches in height.  They are relatively low maintenance and just require the buds to be trimmed when the flowers die off.

Dianthus:  Best flowers to plant in Winter
Dianthus: Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com


Believe it or not, roses are great flowers to have during the winter time.  The roses that do the best are the shrub roses, and they can be planted anywhere in your garden to add that bold, rich color.

Roses Best winter flowers
Shrub Roses: Photo courtesy of ourlivesonabudget.com
Shrub roses best winter flowers
Shrub Roses: Photo courtesy of ourlivesonabudget.com

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for the best flowers to grow during winter.  Enjoy planting these beautiful perennials and don’t forget to plant them early enough in the autumn before the full winter comes.  Be sure to mix and match colors and varieties, as well as differing heights and sizes of flowers.  Test out different varieties of plants until you find the ones you love!

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Seoul, South Korea http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/seoul-south-korea/ Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17:21:24 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2189 […]]]> Bright lights.  Wonderful aromas from street food vendors.  Ancient palaces amidst a modern city.  Seoul, South Korea took us on a journey of sights, sounds, and smells that left our hearts, minds, and bellies full.


Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea seoul, south korea Seoul, South Korea img_9225-2 Seoul, South Korea seoul, south korea Lively street market

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Halong Bay, Vietnam http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/halong-bay-vietnam/ Sat, 25 Oct 2014 16:08:42 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2114 […]]]> Truly one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited, Halong Bay, Vietnam, harbored breathtaking views of mountains surround by placid waters and colorful fishing boats.  A permanent mist blanketed the sky and protected us from the outside world as we watched native fishermen cast nets into the water.  A majestic masterpiece of Mother Nature, Halong Bay rewarded us with her serenity and transported us back in time to a place of humble beginnings and innocence.

Peaceful waters Giants amidst a vast sea Breathtaking views Subtle mist A peaceful life Serenity


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Wall Stencils for a Modern Statement http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/wall-stencils-modern-statement/ http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/wall-stencils-modern-statement/#comments Sat, 25 Oct 2014 03:17:39 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2055 […]]]> It seems like wall stencils are all the rage right now!   You can find them on accent walls, ceilings, closets, and even furniture.  The great thing about stencils are that the designs are directly painted onto the walls, so you can absolutely customize it to whatever color and design you would want.  You can choose to repeat a pattern or combine different stencils to create a brand new design of your own.  They can turn a seemingly boring room into a fabulous space for entertaining!

Wall Stencil for a Modern Look
If you opt for a busier pattern, placing it on an accent wall can really give you the look you want without it being too overwhelming.


Wall Stencil for an Accent Wall
There are hundreds of different styles and patterns that you can use to suit your style, whether it be modern, whimsical, natural, or vintage!


Wall Stencil to Match Your Style
We decided to try stenciling for the first time at our friend’s house (who else better to experiment on than another person’s house!) on a few small areas of the dining room.  Since the majority of the house is a neutral cream color, we wanted to add a dramatic flare to our dining area.  We chose to only stencil the two side panels and the center wall since we didn’t want the entire area to look too busy.  We bought our Moroccan pattern stencils online at www.cuttingedgestencils.com for $34.95, and it came with two stencils, one large and one corner piece.  When we read the reviews and instructions online, it seemed pretty easy to do and only ran into minor bumps that were easily corrected.


Recessed walls are great places to stencil
The reason we chose this area to paint the wall stencils is because it is one of the first areas that you see when you enter the home.  The recessed area in the center wall was a perfect place for us to do the stencil since it gives a splash of pattern and color without making the wall look too busy.  There were also two vertical side panels that we wanted to paint that would make nice accent walls as well.
Before painting, be sure to remove everything from your project wall, including paintings, decor, etc.  We would also recommend wiping down the wall with a rag to remove any dust or dirty areas.  Be sure to tape edges and place a floor liner for easy clean up.  We painted the panels we wanted to stencil in a metallic silver color.  We used Martha Stewart paint (it is discontinued now) but you can use any brand you may like.  


  Modern wall stencil
Metallic silver paint before stenciling
 Once the silver coat was dry, we taped the stencil to the wall and applied a bright white color over the silver.  We were very careful to blot off the excess paint on a paper towel so we would not pool the paint and create runny edges.  After the white paint was dry, we went back over the edges with silver paint to cover up any mistakes or messy areas.


  Modern wall stencil
White Moroccan pattern stencil on metallic silver

Once you are finished with your wall stencils and the paint is dry, place back any wall hangings and start the home decor process!  Stencils were very easy to do but it did take some time.  It took us two days to finish this project.

 Modern wall stencil
Before and after!
 We love how the this wall stencil pattern creates such clean and modern lines!  We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and felt that we changed the entire look of the dining room at such an affordable price.  The great thing is that if you get tired of your stencil in a few years, you can always change it later!
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Tankless Water Heater http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/tankless-water-heater/ Tue, 21 Jan 2014 03:10:45 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=2004 […]]]> Tankless Water heater External InstalledLooking to replace your old water heater that takes up space in your garage or attic?  Then, you should look into replacing it with a tankless water heater.   Unlike the traditional storage-tank water heater, the tankless water heater is designed to use electricity, natural gas, or propane gas to heat and supply hot water only when needed without water been stored in a tank (where energy is wasted to maintain hot water at a set temperature all the time).  Some tankless models can provide more than 40% in energy savings vs a tank water heater; thus, installing a tankless water heater for your home is another way for you to save energy and money in the long run.  One of the best tankless water heater manufacturers in the marker today is Rinnai.   Below are a few other key benefits of using tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heater can provide unlimited hot water – Due to the efficiency of the design of the heat exchanger in the tankless water heater, a tankless water heater can continuously supply hot water to be used for three to four 2.5 gallon per minute (gpm) shower heads in the summer and two to three 2.5 gpm shower heads in the winter.  Your house will never run out of hot water again!

Compact design that saves space in your house – A tankless water heater is approximately ¼ the size of an average 40-gallon tank water heater, and it can be wall mounted inside (interior-mount units) or outside of your house (exterior-mount units).

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Interior ModelRinnai Tankless Water Heater Exterior Model

Supply fresh, hot water all the time – You will always get fresh hot water since it’s a tankless design (no water has been stored over any period of time).

Little maintenance required – There is minimal maintenance required besides making sure that nothing is blocking the exhaust vent, unlike the storage-tank water heater that needs to be drained out at least every year.

Eco-friendly – Not only can tankless water heaters save you money on your energy bills, they are one of the most energy-efficient of water heaters available today.  They also produce less CO2 than traditional tank water heaters; therefore, many tankless water heaters qualify for a federal tax credit.

Last Longer – An average lifespan of the conventional tank water heaters is about 10 years or less; however, most tankless water heaters are designed to last twice as long.

Although the initial cost of tankless water heaters might be higher than the traditional tank water heaters, the tankless water heater system will pay off for itself in a short period of time with all the benefits listed above.  As of today, you will see more home builders install the tankless water heaters as their standard option since it will help increase their energy efficiency rating  and give them a competitive edge.

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Amazon Local-The Latest in Daily Deals and Group Buying Power http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/amazon-local-the-latest-in-daily-deals-and-group-buying-power/ Tue, 31 Dec 2013 22:03:07 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=1823 […]]]> amazon local daily deals

Amazon Local-Daily Deals that will Save you Money!

If you’ve jumped on the “daily deal” bandwagon just like I have, you know just how much money you can save through the use of group purchasing power.  I have bought many items on Groupon, from painting classes to electronics, even health and beauty services, all at the fraction of the cost!  It can definitely get addicting, and I was buying maybe 2-3 Groupons a week.  Not only do I get good discounts on my purchases, but I was also trying new things like painting and surfing and going to many more concerts and events.

Amazon Local is another “daily deals” site that I found that offers you deep discounts not only from local businesses, but also from national chains and online merchants.  Amazon claims that they offer savings of up to 75% on restaurants, spas, events, travel getaways, hotels and more!  Not only are local deals supplied, but you can find national and online deals as well, such as online courses or items via online shopping.

What is great about Amazon Local is that if you already have an Amazon account, there is no need to sign up.  You can look at Amazon local deals while logged into your Amazon account.  Also, you will find a variety of coupons daily that you can apply to your Amazon purchases.  For example, for today’s daily deal, I can get a FREE coupon for half off select Kindle accessories.

Amazon Local Daily Deals

Another deal I found was a coupon where I can purchase certain Kindle books for only 99 cents!

Amazon Local Daily Deals


Amazon Local also suggested other deals that were near my area, such as discounts on massages, restaurants, and activities, and you can set your preferences so that exclusive offers that are custom to your taste will be populated for you.  Just like other daily deals websites, these offers on Amazon Local are only for a limited time, so you must purchase your coupon before the expiration date!

Amazon Local also has a very user-friendly App that you can download so you can check your deals on the go!  With the Amazon Local App, you can view and buy deals within seconds right from your smartphone, use deals directly without having to print out the vouchers, and set your preferences so that the deals will be tailored to your interests.  You can also receive notifications, lock the app with a passcode to increase security, and easily share deals with your friends or family.

Check out Amazon Local and start saving today!



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How to Install a Gas Fireplace Blower Kit http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/how-to-install-a-fireplace-air-blower-kit/ http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/how-to-install-a-fireplace-air-blower-kit/#comments Mon, 09 Dec 2013 05:53:09 +0000 http://www.ourlivesonabudget.com/?p=1635 […]]]> Now that winter is here, we are starting to use our fireplace more often.  Not only do fireplaces add a nice touch to your living or bedroom decor, but they provide an added source of heat for those cold winter days.  Our house came with a gas fireplace which is very different from the wood burning fireplaces that we grew up with.  Gas fireplaces are very low maintenance, meaning there is no firewood to purchase, no need to start a fire (you can just flip a switch), and no chimney maintenance needed.  Drawbacks are that you don’t get that real wood burning smell and that great crackling sound of the logs as they’re burning.  Also, gas fireplaces don’t emit as much heat as a wood burning fireplace and are not as efficient because most of the energy is wasted on heating up the firebox and the few inches of air space around it.  This is why we decided to purchase a fireplace air blower to transfer the heat from the firebox and the heated air that surrounds it and distribute it into our living space.  This will make the heating of our home more efficient and a fireplace that is more functional.

We found out the fireplace model from our fireplace owner’s manual then searched online for the blower/fan kit that will fit and work with our fireplace.  Our fireplace manufacturer is Hearth & Home / Heat & Glo model DV3732SBI, and the search result for the blower kit is  Heat & Glo model GFK-160A.  We then shopped around online for it and ended up ordering from Amazon since the sellers on Amazon offer the best price with free shipping!   The kit we ordered is actually a  universal fit made by Rotom model R7-RB168 which is cross referenced to Heat & Glo GFK-160A, Royal FK-160, and many more.  This kit should work with any fireplace that has at least 4.3″ high opening at the control compartment below the firebox when the bottom louver is removed.  Below are the steps that I took to safely complete the installation of the blower kit.

CAUTION:  Do not attempt to do this installation yourself if you do not feel comfortable or are not familiar with electrical wiring or following an electrical wiring diagram –  A qualified electrician or a fireplace technician should perform the installation.

How to Install a Gas Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat & Glo model DV3732SBI or similar


Tools needed:  Flashlight, needle-nose pliers, vacuum cleaner (optional).

Materials needed:  Fireplace air blower kit, protective gloves, dust cloths, and glue.

Duration of the project:  30-45 mins

Price Range:  $100 – $125

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Labor level:  Light labor

D-I-Y potential savings: $100-$150

Step 1:  Locate your circuit-breaker panel and disconnect the circuit breaker associated with your gas fireplace power supply. Also, turn the fireplace start wall switch to the OFF position.

Step 2:  Remove the top louver, the bottom louver, and the fixed glass assembly door of your gas fireplace.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 2







Step 3:  Turn off the gas supply by locating the shutoff ball valve on the left side of the control compartment.  Then, turn the red valve lever handle to the off position (perpendicular position to the supply gas pipe).  Also, unplug the 3-volt transformer from the fireplace receptacle in the factory-installed junction box.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 3-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 3-2







Step 4:  Vacuum and wipe out dust at the bottom of the control compartment and on top of the firebox where dust may have accumulated over time.  Be careful when cleaning around these areas due to sharp edges and exposed screw tips.  Thus, protective gloves should be worn.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 4-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 4-2







Step 5:  Unpack your blower kit and check to make sure you have all the parts and no damage.  Connect the two prong plug cord to the blower terminals itself as shown in the picture below, and then plug it into a power outlet (different circuit from the fireplace) to make sure the blower is in good working order before placing it inside the control compartment.  It should automatically run when plugged in.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 5-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 5-2







Step 6:  Carefully move all control wires and the transformer to the left side to allow you to place the blower in the back of the control compartment easier.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 6-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 6-2







Step 7:  Insert the grounding clip to the end of the grounding wire of the blower, and then slide the blower inside the control compartment sideways (with the blower’s air outlet up) at the gap on the right hand side (you might have to remove the magnetic mounting if the blower did not fit into the opening).  Once the blower is inside, glue back the magnetic mounting (if you had to remove them earlier), then place the blower towards the back in the center with the air outlet up and 1/8 inch away from the back wall.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 7-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 7-2How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 7-3How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 7-4













Step 8:  Attach the blower’s grounding wire clip to the metal chassis of the fireplace.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 8







Step 9:  Prepare the wiring for the thermal sensor switch with the wiring harness included with the kit as shown the picture below.  Also, use the diagrams below to guide you through the following steps.  Note:  The wiring diagrams below are from the fireplace owner’s manual.  I did not use the wiring diagram that came with the blower kit because it has generic instructions and are not customized for my fireplace.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 9-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 9-2How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 9-3













Step 10:  Locate the mounting screw at the bottom left side of the firebox.  Install the thermal sensor switch with the sensor facing up and touching the firebox, and secure it with the supplied wing nut to the mounting screw.  Note:  You might have to find another mounting method to attach the sensor to the firebox if your firebox does not have this mounting screw already.   Just make sure that the sensor is attached to the firebox metal that will be heated up when the fireplace is operating.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 10-1

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 10-2







Step 11:  Locate the mounting plate at the solenoid valve assembly inside the control compartment.  Attach the variable speed switch to it by inserting the switch from behind the plate through the mounting hole and attaching the supplied hex nut to secure it using needle-nose pliers .  Then, install the turning knob as shown in the pictures below.  Note:  Again, if your fireplace’s control compartment does not have any mounting plates for this switch, you can simply place it anywhere inside after installing the turning knob to it.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 11How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 11-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 11-2How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 11-3













Step 12:  Find the wire from the thermal sensor switch which has the male end and connect it to the female end wire of the speed variable switch.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 12-1How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 12-2







Step 13:  Find the female end of the speed variable switch, and connect it to the top of the connector at the outlet/junction box that is labeled “FAN” as shown in the picture below.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 13







Step 14:  Find the other end (female end) of the thermal sensor switch and connect it to the hot (+) connector of the outlet/junction box as shown in the picture below.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 14







Step 15:  Plug the two prong plug from the blower to the outlet/junction box that is labeled “FAN” as shown in the picture below.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 15







Step 16:  Reconnect the 3-volt transformer to the outlet/junction box that is labeled “TRANS”.  Double check all your wiring connections  and make sure that all the wires are secure and in their appropriate places.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 16







Step 17:  Turn the supply gas ball valve to the on position (the red valve lever handle should be in line with the supply gas pipe),

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 17







Step 18:  Replace back the fixed glass assembly and the top louver (you might want to clean both sides of the glass and the louvers before replace them back).

Step 19:  Reconnect the circuit breaker associated with your gas fireplace power supply at your circuit-breaker panel.

Step 20:  Turn the speed variable switch to the ON position, and turn the fireplace wall switch to the ON position to start the fire.  The air blower should kick on automatically when the bottom of the firebox temperature reaches 110 °F (this should take a few mins). Adjust the blower speed at the position you prefer before replacing the bottom louver back.

How to install fireplace blower kit - Step 20






Step 21:  Turn OFF the fireplace at the wall switch.  The air blower should kick off automatically when the bottom of the firebox cools down to 90 °F (this should take a few mins as well).

The 21 steps to install the blower kit might seem lengthy; however, the circuit for this kit is very simple.  The blower runs on 115VAC with the thermal sensor switch and variable speed control switch connected in series with the blower.

The blower will generate some noise at the maximum speed setting; however, it seems more like background noise and does not bother us.  The result of this installation is 100% of what we were hoping to accomplish with this kit.  It can circulate the air at 125 CFM (cubic feet per minute); Thus, it turns our gas fireplace into a giant space heater that provides at lease 3 feet of hot air streaming away from the fireplace, and we even can feel the air movement 10 feet away.  Our gas fireplace now runs efficiently and functions with a “cool” factor!  I recorded two short videos below just to show the noise level and how much air is circulated by the blower.

Fireplace air blower kit Installed - Step 21




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