The Best Flowers that Do Well During Winter

Fall is in the air and winter is fast approaching.  What better time to think about which are the best flowers that do well during winter in your garden?  There are hundreds and thousands of different types of flowers you can plant, so read on to see what we recommend.

First, think about whether you want to plant annuals or perennials.   Perennials are fantastic because they flower every year.  They usually can last all year round with the top portion of the plant dying off during the colder seasons and then blooming again in the spring and summer.  Annuals, on the other hand, usually only last for 1-2 seasons and need to be planted again the following year.   These are great because they provide vivid colors to your garden and give you variety in the types of flowers that can be planted.  We prefer perennials just because they can be resistant to extreme temperatures and bloom again every year with low maintenance.


One of our most favorite perennials to plant during the winter time are pansies!  They come in a wonderful array of colors and are about 2-3 inches in diameter and can grow up to 9 inches in height.  They are quite hardy and can survive light freezes and snow cover.  We were surprised to see how well they did when we had about 4 days of snow and temperatures that dipped into the high 20s.  These flowers are very affordable and can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

Pansies-best flowers for winter
Pansies: Photo courtesy of

Chrysanthemums or Garden Mums

Another fantastic perennial with great color and variety are chrysanthemums!  They can grow up to 2-3 feet and come in many different colors of autumn.  These are great for your flower beds and can add warm tones to your landscape, just in time for the chilly weather.  Be sure to choose hardy mums vs florist mums, especially if you live in the colder climates.

best winter flowers mums
Chrysanthemums: Photo courtesy of


One of our favorite perennials is the Dianthus.  They are extremely winter tolerant and do well in extremely hot temperatures as well.  Their leaves create a full green mound and their flowers can grow up to 18 inches in height.  They are relatively low maintenance and just require the buds to be trimmed when the flowers die off.

Dianthus:  Best flowers to plant in Winter
Dianthus: Photo courtesy of


Believe it or not, roses are great flowers to have during the winter time.  The roses that do the best are the shrub roses, and they can be planted anywhere in your garden to add that bold, rich color.

Roses Best winter flowers
Shrub Roses: Photo courtesy of
Shrub roses best winter flowers
Shrub Roses: Photo courtesy of

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for the best flowers to grow during winter.  Enjoy planting these beautiful perennials and don’t forget to plant them early enough in the autumn before the full winter comes.  Be sure to mix and match colors and varieties, as well as differing heights and sizes of flowers.  Test out different varieties of plants until you find the ones you love!

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